samedi, septembre 24, 2005

05.09.23: House-hunting à Paris


There is only one sane way to go house-hunting in a foreign country where you don't speak the language: hire a company to take care of the intial screening and the appointments and the interpretations and the contracts and the yadda-yadda-yadda. We actually got something right.

Here are some images of the house we decided to rent and a few interesting images of some of the other places we decided to let go. No fish stories here ... all images without digital enhancement. The last image is of our tour-guide and house-hunting heroine. Without her, I think we would still be living in the States.

We are located ~20 minutes east of Paris, in a nice little town called La Varenne. We are within walking distance to the train into Paris, and not too bad of a commute for me to get to work. If you need to satisfy your mapping curiosity try: La Varenne, postal code 94210 in I haven't tried the digital satellite images from google yet. I'll keep the porch light on, just in case.