samedi, octobre 22, 2005

05.10.22: Cimitière du Père Lachaise

The obligatory visit to see Mr. Morrison's resting place.

I went to see Jim Morrison's grave the other day, but then there were a whole lot of other gravemarkers in the way, so it took a little longer than I expected. I thought it was Jim Morrison's cemetery, but I guess the other 100,000 people buried there have a different opinion.

At the gate to enter, for 2 euro you can get a map and admission.

To me, the kindly gentlemen said: "But for you, you can enter for two greenbacks, if you have them. That's about a 20% discount. The reason is, we never forget '44 and '45."

I wanted to remind him that my grandfather was here in '17 and '18, but there were other people in line, and probably not from the US, so I let it go, this time.

At any rate, the cemetery is on the east side of Paris, and amazingly is about 44 hectares (~100 acres).

The only grave that has a little protective fence around it, and the only grave that has a gathering of people around it is .... Mr. Morrison's.

The simple marker has an epitaph in Greek, and depending on the translation you find, means either:

  • "To the divine spirit within himself"
  • "The devil within himself"
  • "The genius in his mind"
  • "He caused his own demons"

Rock'n'roll should always be an enigma.