lundi, mars 15, 2010

10.03.15: C'est terminé

OK, it's done.

I started this blog 4 years ago as a way to describe the new world in which I found myself, that enigmatic placed called France. Now, after a few months back in the USA, I can look back over some of these moments and recall what a strange and wondrous journey it was.

I had the great fortune to have:
- lived just outside of Paris,
- worked daily with a talented and welcoming bunch of French folks,
- travelled to the 6 corners of France, and many of the places in between,
- endured long evenings surrounded by people talking incessantly in a language I didn't understand,
- visited nearly a dozen other countries in Europe and Africa,
- bicycled thousands of kilometers of country and mountainous roads with the best bicyle club in all of Europe,
- tasted wines of perhaps thousands of very fine wine makers,
- missed my family,
- formed a formidable partnership to learn me French with the best prof in Ile de France,
- taken the time to appreciate midieval architecture and renaissance paintings,
- gained a lot of respect for anyone who has ever emigrated to another country,
- shared it all with a partner who didn't lose her sense of humor (too often), despite significant daily challenges,
- survived it all to tell the stories.

But, now it's done.

If you find yourself in a similar situation and have a question or two, feel free to drop me a line.

If you found anything interesting or enjoyable in this blog, remember, you too can start your very own.

Au revoir.